” I started my yoga journey with Jess about six months ago. When I met Jess, I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis and had difficulty walking, constantly in pain. In the beginning I was hesitant to join the class, but after Jess’s encouragement I decided to attend. It was a life changing experience for me. After a few sessions, the pain in my hamstring reduced and my posture improved as well. Apart from improving in my health, I enjoy Jess’s class as she makes her clients feel at ease, constantly reminding to enjoy the process and not hold onto expectations. I enjoy yoga so much that it is now a weekly family affair, from my father who is 83 years old to my niece who is 15 years old, all join in for a weekly session. Many thanks to my friend and yoga instructor Jess for all her encouragement and igniting my love for the practice”


“I was introduced to Jess’s class by a friend, my main objective to join the class is to gain strength and improve overall health. Her class has been amazing, it is different from other classes I have attended. With every class she focuses on different areas and that has helped to meet my objective”


“Been off and on the mat for the last 5 years, this time when I joined the class was to have a good stretch and relax. And Jess’s class has allowed me to do just that. As I am not a flexible person, yoga practice has always been difficult, however Jess encourages mindfulness during the practice and that helped me to truly relax and have a good stretch. In fact I enjoy her sessions so much that I look forward to the next class.”


“I started training to lose weight and my coach advised me to join yoga to deal with stress and relax my body. I was not too keen in the beginning as it looks like a lot to do. However I just tried for the fun of it and I am glad i did because I love it! Yoga helped me to stretch those tight areas, relax my mind and improve my flexibility. With Jess, she will monitor my movement and correct my posture. She readily answers questions pose to her and is very diligent and sincere when teaching yoga.”


“I enjoy Jess’s class for its simple poses and strengthening effects. She breaks down the poses, explaining the area we’ll be working on. The pain on my knees have lessened over time. Spine and joints recovery class always help me to center myself after a day’s work. Her class exudes a safe environment for me to explore the limitations of my body.”


“Jess’s classes gives me confidence to do poses which were difficult to me at at first. Her classes also increase my awareness of my spine and to always maintain a good posture.”


“I have attended Jess’s Yoga class for more than six months. She is very patient and explains the focus of the movements and they help different aspects of our body. I first started because i often suffer from backaches and tension headaches. I felt a significant improvement to my condition three months into the class. Backaches are now a lot less frequent and even if i do have them, I know what stretches I can do to ease the pain. I also feel I have greater flexibility and balance now. I love the outdoor enviroment that Jess conducts her classes as the air fresher.”


“As a Yoga virgin, I knew nothing about Yoga poses and was initially apprehensive about not being able to catch up in class and looking silly. However, I fell in love with the practice at the first trial class. Jess is patient, approachable and helped me to feel so much at ease. I have enjoy every session. Thank you so much for introducing Yoga to me and I am foever grateful.”


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