Creator of The Yoga Heart, Jess, believes the best investment anyone can invest in is Self Care. “People are more aware of healthcare, but self care is somehow lacking, and the fact both are closely connected,” she says. Self care is not only taking care of our physical self but care for our mental and emotional well being too. This is where yoga comes in.

Most diseases start from the mind or spirit being sick and who knows this best than Jess. Her career as a Registered Nurse specialising in critical care in the past 14 years has opened her up to a different perspective of life. A disease is never standalone, it is almost certain accompanied by deeper psychological or spiritual issues. In today‚Äôs rat race society, we have forgotten how to be in tune with our bodies, how to listen to it when it is in distress and simply when to slow down. 

Yoga practice allows us to do just that, SLOW DOWN and be IN TUNE with our bodies. The breathing techniques, physical postures and meditation helps to maintain the balance our body really needs. While there are various types of yoga practice; hatha, ashtanga, kriya etc. Jess combines all of them and develops what is unique to her students, to cater to their needs. Her teaching methods are simple and easy to follow so everyone regardless of age are able to join her classes.

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