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Do you find fractically looking for solutions in life when problem arises? Or are you constantly improving yourself to manage with life’s situations effectively when it comes?

Before I go further into this, let us take time to understand what is reactive and proactive. Reactive is when a person reacts when there is a stimulus and it may not be a well thought out reaction. Proactive allows a person to be in control of the situation and not just react abruptly to the stimulus, in other words people who are proactive are always prepared to deal with whatever situation that arises. People who are of the proactive nature, take time to invest in their personal well being and development as compared to their counterparts who are reactive.

Growing up I have been told that when problems come knocking on the door, that’s when we look for solutions. However what is missed out often is what comes along with that ‘looking around’….ANXIETY, STRESS, HOPELESSNESS. You see not all problems we face in life are straight forward, some are tough decisions we need to make, some are choices that will change the whole course of our future. And if we are not adequately equipped, the outcome can prove to be disastrous. As humans, on this earth plane we can’t predict when we will be faced with challenging choices, however we can always better deal with it. Dealing with issues without compromising our health and mental well being is paramount. Many do not even consider this until they are in the spot, some may get the right help, some may not and end up suffering for years. 

You see the Universe always has our backs but we must do our due diligence too. Being proactive does not mean we are always on the go. Being proactive is to make daily conscious choices for the betterment of our lives. For example, if we have trouble sleeping at night, we first need to acknowledge we have this problem. Then comes the solution, these solutions or conscious choices are not meant to be one off and it has to be sustainable so the problem lessens or disappears completely. 

The daily choices we can make to improve our sleep:

a) avoid spicy and stimulating food/ beverage at least 3 hours before bedtime

b) take some time before bed to meditate, at least 10 mins, this will help to release melatonin, getting us be drowsy and sleep better

c) take some time in the morning to be grateful for whatever we have in our lives, even the littlest things count

d) practice deep breathing techniques throughout the day to help us relax 

e) practice yoga or any exercise that encourages movement of the body, allowing energies to circulate around the body

Being conscious in our choices help us be successful in our minds and bodies, bringing a feeling of lightness and energy.  The above is just one example of how proactive choices can improve our sleep. 

Aging is another example we can tap on, it is an inevitable part of our lives. However, we can either choose to age gracefully or struggle during the process. In Deepak Chopra’s workshop on Healthy Aging, he pointed out six pillars of health aging:

a) Sleep

b) Meditation

c) Movement

d) Healthy Emotions 

e) Nutrition

f) Grounding

I will elaborate more on these pillars when I blog on Aging next. The point I would like to make here is, everyone can have it! Everyone can age gracefully, we just need to make conscious choices in our daily lives, be proactive. Sleep well, meditate at least once a day, move your body through yoga or exercise, have happy thoughts and emotions, eat in proportion and moderation and take time to be out in nature. And you will see magnificent changes in how you view aging. 

If you are proactive in making a choice of what you would like to eat for lunch and dinner, why not make a proactive choice to be healthy and happy too. Food for thought 🙂

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