What Is Savasana?

The most important pose amongst all the other poses, Savasana or Corpse pose. The benefits of it lies in its simplicity of just laying on your back with legs and hands apart, with palms facing upwards. It allows practitioners to calm themselves down after a practice session, lowering the heart rate, being in sync with the body.

As simple as it may seem, Savasana can be challenging to some. The art of relaxation is not easily phantom by most of us who have been brought up in an urban environment. It is truly an art as it requires practitioners to relax the body in a fully conscious state, being alert while still at ease. Most get tense or fidgety during this phase, there are some who just fall asleep the moment they lay on the mat. It may be a struggle at first just like any other pose, however with gradual practice relaxation can be a brisk.

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Easy steps in Savasana

The practice of Savasana is to relax the body one section at a time. Take a few deep breaths once in Savasana. Start off with the lower limbs, followed by mid section, upper limbs, head and back. Use the following as guidelines:

  1. Relax the toes, calves, knees, hamstrings, thighs and pelvis
  2. Relax the belly and chest
  3. Relax the shoulders, arms and fingers
  4. Relax the neck, facial muscles and forehead
  5. Relax the whole of the back

Take some time to scan the body, feel the parts you have worked on during the session, the changes taken place before and after the session. Allow yourself to feel and enjoy the subtle energies moving around the body more freely. It may be a challenge in the beginning but with consistent practice, your body and mind will thank you for it.

If there is one pose you can do to re-programme the muscles, tendons and ligaments in your body, it is Savasana. Having say that, come to this relaxation pose only after you have done a thorough practice where your body have done some amount work.

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