Calm mind to change behaviour


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Changing a behaviour is no easy feat, it takes time, dedication and motivation! According to Robin Sharma, renowned author and international change maker, it takes 66 days for a behaviour change to be automated. And I have tried and tested it, and YES it does work.  I have never been an early riser, like most,…

Proactive or Reactive

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Do you find fractically looking for solutions in life when problem arises? Or are you constantly improving yourself to manage with life’s situations effectively when it comes? Before I go further into this, let us take time to understand what is reactive and proactive. Reactive is when a person reacts when there is a stimulus…

Training the Mind through Mindfulness Meditation

It’s all in the MIND

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Mind over Body, a phrase that is commonly used these days, but how many of us actually practice it. The mind or brain is one of the most fascinating organs in our body. It is entirely responsible for our bodily functions. If an organ has such known abilities, one may wonder what are its other…


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No time for relaxation? Prone to forgetfulness? Poor time management? These are just a few signs that you may be experiencing stress. According to Dr Karl Albrecht, a pioneer in the development of stress reduction training and author of “Stress and the Manager”, there are four types of stress: Time Stress, people experiencing this type…

Keep calm & BREATHE

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“Breathe in and breathe out”, a very common phrase we hear while in a yoga class. Isn’t breathing an autonomic body action? Well, because it is we take it for granted. Breath is more than just a passage for oxygen to enter our bodies. It is a necessary component in order for us to live….

Yoga Goal

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What is the first thing that comes to your head when someone speaks about Yoga. Let me guess…headstands, out of the world contortionist styled poses, handstands, finger stands ( I am kidding)or maybe there is. Well I was there and still am at times, thinking of yoga as just postures and could not make sense…

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